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For restaurant owners, this will be the breath of air on the web that you need. The one that let's you stop worrying about all the other places your menu could be listed without knowing if they are accurately priced or properly represented.

If it isn't here, then it isn't official. Need your ".com" redirected? We've got you covered. If you need one, we have several ways to help.

No more odd names to type in just to get to the site, just restaurant.directory and then a quick internal search.

For diners looking to feast upon the goodness that chefs, bakers and pasty makers offer. We are here to provide clarity and ease of use. No more weird payments systems that you aren't sure are on the level, no. Major payment processors and safe, secure transactions. Everyone likes that.

You want interactive too? Bam! Digital menus that can be quickly pulled up on just about any smartphone. No more reprinting or taping over of menus. No more cleaning them either, boom done deal. No cost to print, no asset to maintain.

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